Moviemakers have always portrayed the future with a unique vision of what they imagine it will look like. There have been several movies made both before and after 9/11 that portray a future New York with varying ideas of what the World Trade Center towers might look like.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

A.I. Artificial Intelligence is set mainly in the not-too-distant future. Coastal cities have been abandoned, flooded by rising oceans. David and Joe fly to New York, looking for David's creator. In the first shot, we see the WTC towers damaged by the flood waters like the rest of the New York skyline.

The second two shots are near the end of the movie. It is now 2000 years into the future, but the towers are still visible above the ice and snow.

Bicentennial Man

Bicentennial Man is another movie set in the near future, when families have robot servants. As Andrew sets out to find other robots, his 200 year journey takes him to New York. The skyscrapers have gotten a lot taller in the future, including the WTC. It appears to have been extended and gotten some connecting skywalks.


Click contains a lot of time travel as Michael uses his Universal remote to fast-forward through his life. At one point, he fast-forwards far into the future to his son's wedding reception. We can see the Brooklyn Bridge and the Woolworth building, along with two Freedom Towers which replaced the WTC towers.


Freejack (released in 1992) is set partially in the past, but mostly in 2009. Alex is kidnapped from the past and brought to 2009 by time-travelling bounty hunters. The World Trade Center towers are still standing, but are dwarfed by the nearby McCandless Tower.

The odd thing with these two shots is that they don't see to match the actual locations they portray. The first shot is facing west with the McCandless Tower to the north, its straight side facing south. The second shot is looking up at the towers from the south. But in this shot, the McCandless Tower appears to be to south of the WTC with its straight side facing north.

The Matrix

The Matrix is set in the distant future. At one point, Morpheus is explaining the Matrix to Neo. He shows him a scene of what the real world looks like. It is supposed to be New York, with a crumbling World Trade Center visible.